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Trailer coming soon!

Alrighty, I finished just in time for the end of the 7dfps! This is my first game jam ever, so please don't hammer me too hard about my horrible game.


WASD - move

Q - call dog (the dog will often stray from you, so press q to make it return)

If you encounter any unusual bugs, please email me at thevraptor3@gmail.com 

The game includes:

- a dog (was originally supposed to be worked into a game mechanic for the puzzles)

- interesting structures all around the game world- beautiful views from the top of Mt. Constitution

- many square miles of explorable terrain

Things I wanted to add but didn't because of time

- a kayaking mechanic (there's just swimming now)

- puzzles scattered around the game world (as well as the puzzle mechanics)

- day/night cycle (there would have been pretty glowing mushrooms that showed themselves at night)

I am unsatisfied with the game as it is right now, so I will be releasing a retail version at some point, but not in the near future, as I am busy with my other retail game, Volliod.

HYPNoSIS was inspired by:

Eidolon (my personal GOTY)


You should check those games out, they're pretty cool.

About me:

I am a young indie developer who mainly works solo, but also gets some help from his friends often. I am currently working on my first commercial game, an fps called Volliod. It is currently in its closed alpha, and I have about 30 testers for it as of now. If you want to learn more about it or if you want to test it, track its Mod DB page here: http://www.moddb.com/games/volliod

Special thanks to:

Mr. Soad, for sharing his extensive unity knowledge with the community

Ice Water Games, who made the game that inspired this concept and for letting me borrow a song from the ost for the HYPNoSIS background music

The Volliod community, for being super supportive every step of the way

The folks at Unity, for letting us use their fantastic engine



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